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COVID 19 rooms policy Aug 2022

Dear all, we have this year instituted a policy that requires all patients and support people to be double vaccinated to physically attend the rooms. In the event that they are unvaccinated they can present an unused RAT test to the rooms fifteen minutes prior to their appointment and present their negative test to the front desk to be seen.

I hope this is not regarded as discriminatory but our patients are more likely to be elderly, with advanced cancer, or on chemotherapy and therefore are less immunocompetent. In the interests of protecting our patients and the staff who see these patients everyday ,we will maintain this policy into next year.

If this does not align with your beliefs, we will respectfully decline your attendance and refer you back to your GP. Telehealth is not an adequate alternative as we cannot examine you for the above reasons.

Apologies to all, this remains a very unpleasant time for health care workers and vulnerable patients, even if others choose to move on with their lives.

Of course, an appropriate fitted clean mask remains a requirement for rooms attendance for the above reasons.