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a comparison of 3 chemotherapy regimens a comparison of the dose dense AC-paclitaxel regimen versus the TAC regimen was equivalent, and there was no benefit from adding in gemcitabine. Reassuring, as local oncologists inc myself have drifted /run away from using TAC due to its toxicity. Maybe, we might have hoped indeed that dose-dense (full dose sequential ) may have been better than TAC with its subadditive doses of doxorubicin and docetaxel.

BRCA 10 years survival same

It has long been speculated whether BRCA patients may have a worse prognosis. This study reassures  us that this is not the case!

Quality of life in breast ca

long term quality of life appears to be similar in breast cancer survivors versus women without cancer matched for age and other factors. Subtle cognitive deficits sometimes remains a  mild issue.

Risk reducing strategies in women with family history

Recent article in JCO suggesting benefit with strategies such as tamoxifen in ‘at risk women’ such as a moderate family history. This follows an article from Kelly-Anne Phillips at Peter Mac  showing the benefit  of Tamoxifen in BRCA carriers.