COVID-19 in 2022!

June 2022

Dear all, we are in a post-lockdown era where we are living with the virus, thankfully in a well-vaccinated community. Nevertheless, oncology patients are a more vulnerable group, due to their condition, their treatment or because many of our patients are elderly .

It is therefore mandatory for patients and their carer (s) to continue to wear an appropriate mask to the rooms that covers nose and mouth. We would ask that a maximum of two carers be present at any consultation.

Patients and carers must be at least double vaccinated for COVID -19; alternatively unvaccinated patients or carers must present with an unused RAT test to be performed in the rest room adjacent to the consulting suite. This is mandatory for ongoing attendance at the rooms.

Finally, whilst many non-COVID coughs and colds are about, we ask you do NOT attend the rooms with these symptoms regardless of a negative RAT or PCR. We can change your appointment to telehealth for the day.

Many thanks to my patients and families who have thus far respected the need for caution at this time.