Dear all, given the current situation -our rooms have moved to teleconferencing or phone calls for appointments unless there is an extreme need for a face to face appointment. This is with the intention of protecting; 1) the patients, who may be at higher risk of significant infection from age or being immunocompromised, and; 2) the staff, because we cannot guarantee backup if we fall ill.

There is to a point government support for at risk patients with bulk billing for teleconferencing . I would not that this does not allow for the appropriate funding of a private practice and depending on whether you do or don’t sit under current Medicare guidelines for bulk billing, the duration of the consultation and the need for letter, referrals and scripts , you may incur an out of pocket cost rather than be bulk billed.

With regard to the choice of teleconferencing or phone, I would much prefer to ‘see the patient’. I am using encrypted software ( for privacy. This will work best on a computer , especially with a direct Ethernet connection rather than WiFi although the latter is reasonable.

These consultations are intended to be equivalent to a room consultation, without the examination. Please take the time to eliminate distractions at home so you can get the most value from your consultation.

The will also work with any smartphone. We can either email the link to your computer or SMS it to your phone. All you need to do is accept the link. Please contact Melissa if you have any concerns by phone or email.

Good luck, stay well and #stayathome. Shane