Vaccine boosters

dear all, ATAGI have released the latest guidelines on the vaccine booster which entails an additional vaccination with either Pfizer or Moderna regardless of brand of your original vaccine (although you can have AZ if you wish). It is recommended you receive it if required 2-6 mths after your 2nd vaccine.

With regard to my patients, the phrasing is “non-haematological malignancy with current active treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or hormonal therapy, but excluding immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitor.” if you are unsure if you fall into this group please contact me. So in my opinion…

Boosters required

Any patient who received chemotherapy whether oral or intravenous at the time of their first &/or second vaccinations.

Any patient with advanced breast cancer on hormonal therapy.

Any patient with advanced lung cancer on a targeted therapy .e.g. osimertinib.

Boosters not required (YET!)

Any patient with resected or early breast or lung cancer on follow-up, not on chemotherapy.

Any patient with advanced thoracic cancer on immunotherapy only.