Vaccines COVID 19

Dear all, in the all-consuming weary struggle throughout this crisis, I have omitted to blog of late. Maybe you read this, maybe you don’t. Thankfully we now have vaccines against Covid 19 that will protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community from the tragedy seen elsewhere in the world. Vaccination is our only way forward out of this crisis which has impacted on mental health, businesses, and connections with family interstate and abroad. Not to mention the Australian love of globetrotting.

I strongly urge you to be vaccinated. Patients sixty and over are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated now with the AstraZeneca vaccine and not wait. The risk of the vaccine TTS (thrombocytopenia-thrombosis syndrome ) is exceedingly rare and day-to-day activities are more dangerous, as is the oral contraceptive. The risk of illness or death from COVID 19 dramatically outweighs any concerns regarding vaccine risk. The Delta variant transmission in NSW reminds us that we are not guaranteed to be safe waiting months for immunization from a non-AZ vaccine.

For those under 60 listen closely to updates from ATAGI. The decision to wait or go now and get AZ may depend on outbreaks in Melbourne but remember you are only properly vaccinated after your second shot, which is 12 weeks apart normally for AZ. Suggest you discuss this with your doctor if not sure. You can register for a vaccination appointment at or through Austin Health at